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Koala Mask

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If you are going to be a nap ninja, you need a sleep mask worthy of a nap ninja. Get better shuteye with this light-blocking, interruption-deterring sleep mask for use at home, on planes and even at work (why not?). This plush mask is designed to emulate Kage the NAPJITSU koala because koalas are professional sleepers, logging 18-22 hours a day. No human needs that much sleep, but this plush mask is sure to help you rest up to level up. Sleep tight.

Your body is sensitive to light, and we have 24-hour sleep-wake cycles. That cycle — a circadian rhythm — helps you sleep at night and be wakeful during the day. A sleep mask helps to block out the light that can trigger wakefulness, whether it’s afternoon sunshine or an early sunrise. Less light means more snoozing, because you need good rest to awaken your inner ninja.

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NAPJITSU NAP lets you take a nap, and you can actually nap! It is amazing. Not only when you wake up from the nap do you feel refreshed and great, but you also get a little extra boost for the day so you are not groggy. You feel refreshed and energized so that you can get on with the rest of your day, and it just supports you for whatever you need to do.


NOW was an energy booster. It lasted longer than 5 hours and I felt energetic without jitteriness.

Tyler O.

NAPJITSU IS GREAT! I am pumped for this product! I felt so rejuvenated and just like a different person, especially since I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. I felt so much better.

J. Wehye

I was able to focus more. I became more productive, and I was more efficient. The biggest thing I noticed was that I did not feel this immense fatigue that I tend to feel towards the second half of the day. My mood was better and my kids did not stress me out.


I am an avid coffee drinker. I pump up on coffee in the morning and afternoon, and it's always hard for me to fall asleep at night because I'm still wired. I really like the NAP because I've always felt that naps are important. I knew that I could rest for about 30 minutes to an hour, and I would wake up with more energy and don't need coffee during the day.

Kristin L.

GREAT FOR SLEEP, I was able to fall asleep within less than 5 minutes and I was able to stay (asleep) for 45-50 minutes. I didn’t feel sleepy or jittery afterwards.