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You heard the good word, and now here you are. Thanks for checking out NAPJITSU — we’re here to unlock more energy and focus so you can perform better at work and in life. And you get to try it at 30% off.






Always be energized

We're energy masters. We know that there is no one size fits all solution to energy. Whether you need an instant boost during a workout, a steady and focused work session, or a great night sleep for a day ahead — we got you.


NAPJITSU IS GREAT! I am pumped for this product! I felt so rejuvenated and just like a different person, especially since I didn't get enough sleep the night before. I felt so much better.

J. Wehye

I was able to focus more. I became more productive, and I was more efficient. The biggest thing I noticed was that I did not feel this immense fatigue that I tend to feel toward the second half of the day. My mood was better and my kids did not stress me out.


NOW was an energy booster. It lasted longer than 5 hours and I felt energetic without jitteriness.

Tyler O.

GREAT FOR SLEEP, I was able to fall alseep within less than 5 minutes and I was able to stay (asleep) for 45-50 minutes. I didn't feel sleepy or jittery afterwards.



You have questions?
We have answers.

What are nootropics, and how are they helpful?


Nootropics are brain enhancers that boost cognitive function, such as memory, focus and creativity; caffeine is the most well-known, but NAPJITSU NOW includes a few others, including cordyceps and Glutamine.

Will I feel jittery?


No, the caffeine in NOW is released in 3 doses, which spreads the caffeine absorption over time, so you can avoid the peak-and-crash energy that leaves you feeling jittery.

Is it bad to use NAPJITSU every day?


NAPJITSU is best used every day to maximize your energy and focus. NAPJITSU is all natural and non habit-forming, so taking it every day poses no health risk. Nap Ninjas do find high energy levels empowering.

When should I take this?


We recommend taking NAP and NOW products at least 8 hours before bed and longer if you're more sensitive to caffeine. For example, if you go to bed at 10pm, we recommend taking a NAP at 2pm or before.

How does this caffeine compare to coffee?


NAP is equivalent to ~1 cup of coffee (but provides 2x more energy!) NOW is equivalent to ~1.5 cups of coffee.

"After trying NAPJITSU and taking a nap, I was more energized and more alert. When I played those are the things that you needed in order to perform at a high level. So regardless of what profession you're in right now, we all want to perform at our peak level. NAPJITSU gives me the opportunity to do just that. So try the product, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain."

Dwight Drane, NFL Professional

"NOW gave me a nice, calm, energetic feel. It did not make me jittery. I could see myself having used NOW back in the day, on Sundays before games or before practices. Now as a CEO, I could use NOW in the morning to get my day started or before a workout."

JT Thomas III, NFL Professional

"NAPJITSU NAP helped me focus and gave me renewed energy. Thanks NAP for putting me back in the game. I'm energized, enthused, and refreshed."

Byron Williams, NFL Professional