NAP delivers 2x more energy than coffee, without jitters*

NAP provides a 56% increase in focus*

After NOW, 90% of consumers felt more energized, focused and alert**

*MAY 2021, **JUNE 2021


“Strategic naps can be used effectively to promote performance and alertness in operational settings.”

A NASA study of sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a short nap is “extremely beneficial for productivity.”

Even just a 26-minute nap is effective: improved job performance by up to 34% and improved alertness by 54%

*NASA Ames Research Center - "Alertness Management: strategic naps in operational settings"


The U.S. Army’s new Holistic Health and Fitness manual suggests using short naps to “restore wakefulness and promote performance”*
The Army’s suggested use of short, strategic naps highlights the critical importance of sleep for optimal soldier performance. In recent years, the military has become increasingly aware that chronic sleep deprivation during missions can cripple decision-making and jeopardize outcomes.

*NY Times – "The Army Rolls Out a New Weapon: Strategic Napping"


Our commitment to YOU

What we believe

We are consumers of NAPJITSU as much as we are its creators, and we confidently stand behind our evidence-backed products and clean ingredients. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure consistent efficacy — we will never sell products that don’t work.


At NAPJITSU, we're entrepreneurs, scientists, nutritionists, parents, overachievers, athletes, road warriors, and ball-jugglers who know what it feels like to be tired and busy. We created NAPJITSU to keep you at the top of your game.

NAPJITSU Now Energy Supplements NAPJITSU NAP Nootropic Energy NAPJITSU Now Energy Supplements - Premium Nootropic Brain Supplement with Caffeine - Crash-Free Brain Booster for Focus - Ginkgo Biloba, Cordyceps, & Gotu Kola

I was able to focus more. I became more productive, and I was more efficient. The biggest thing I noticed was that I did not feel this immense fatigue that I tend to feel towards the second half of the day. My mood was better and my kids did not stress me out.


NAPJITSU IS GREAT! I am pumped for this product! I felt so rejuvenated and just like a different person, especially since I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. I felt so much better.

J. Wehye

GREAT FOR SLEEP, I was able to fall asleep within less than 5 minutes and I was able to stay (asleep) for 45-50 minutes. I didn’t feel sleepy or jittery afterwards.


NAPJITSU NAP lets you take a nap, and you can actually nap! It is amazing. Not only when you wake up from the nap do you feel refreshed and great, but you also get a little extra boost for the day so you are not groggy. You feel refreshed and energized so that you can get on with the rest of your day, and it just supports you for whatever you need to do.


I often don't sleep during the day, but I took NAP and had a good quality rest for 30 minutes. After my nap, I had a really busy day. Thankfully, this product helped a lot, and I felt great! I am a big fan now!

Philip K.


You have questions?
We have answers.

Will I feel jittery?


No — the caffeine in NOW is released in 3 doses, which spreads the caffeine absorption over time, so you can avoid the peak-and-crash energy that leaves you feeling jittery. The caffeine in NAP is time-released in a single burst after your 30-minute nap.

Is it bad to use NAPJITSU every day?


NAPJITSU is best used every day to maximize your energy and focus. NAPJITSU is all natural and non habit-forming, so taking it every day poses no health risk. Nap Ninjas do find high energy levels empowering.

What are nootropics, and how are they helpful?


Nootropics are brain enhancers that boost cognitive function, such as memory, focus and creativity; caffeine is the most well-known, but NAPJITSU NOW includes a few others, including cordyceps and Glutamine.

How is NAPJITSU better than/different from coffee or energy drinks?


Consumer studies of NAPJITSU’s products have shown that Nap Ninjas have higher energy, focus and memory levels than just caffeine alone, even after 5 hours. NAPJITSU combines natural nootropics with time-released caffeine in NOW.

Is it addictive?


Some of the ingredients in NAPJITSU are known to have addictive qualities in large doses; however, the dosage in our products does not come near that amount.

Is NAPJITSU a drug or a supplement?


NAPJITSU is a supplement.

Will it upset my stomach?



Are NAPJITSU products dangerous to pets or animals?


NAPJITSU should only be taken by humans.

Why doesn’t NAPJITSU have FDA approval?


NAPJITSU is a supplement, and supplements do not need to undergo the FDA approval process, per the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

The age information says NAPJITSU is for people 18 years + older. Are NAPJITSU products dangerous to teenagers or children?


We don’t recommend caffeine products for individuals under 18 years old. Consult with your physician and parents or guardians to decide if products can be taken safely under 18.