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For steady energy & focus


For cognitive function


For energy & productivity

"NAPJITSU's products are recognized as the modern overachiever's secret weapon."

-The Influential, November 2021

"Those who used NAPJITSU reported 56 percent improvement in energy, sharpness, focus and alertness. Furthermore, consumers reported NAPJITSU provided two times more energy than coffee."

-Yahoo!, September 2021

"While many products can tackle some of the needs we might face, none had been able to provide energy, focus and concentration without risking health and balance…until now."

-TechBullion, December 2021

"How can you replenish your energies without jeopardizing your workflow? The answer is simple: do what NASA astronauts and elite United States military personnel have done for decades, take a quick nap. Napping can be your secret weapon, but like any great weapon, upgrades make it even more effective."

-The Influence Journal, November 2021

"Regardless of whether you're gaming, trading, working or just have a night out with the in-laws scheduled (yes, we feel you!), products like NOW, NAP and REST promise to equip you with the energy and focus you need to get you over the finish line, without making you feel groggy or jittery."

-The Continental Times, November 2021

"Championed by star athletes like basketball legend Gary Payton, mixed martial artist “Hurricane” Shane Burgos and Super Bowl champion Warren Sapp – to name a few – these ultra effective solutions are known to enhance the regenerative power of a brief nap, and also boost focus and enhance performance even when sleeping is not possible (think a day of classes after a long night in front of the screen)."

-The American Reporter, November 2021

"Giving modern achievers a priceless edge."

-Sportz Weekly, December 2021

"These ultra effective solutions are known to enhance the regenerative power of a brief nap, and also boost focus and enhance performance even when sleeping is not possible."

-Time Bulletin, December 2021

NAPJITSU NAP lets you take a nap, and you can actually nap! It is amazing. Not only when you wake up from the nap do you feel refreshed and great, but you also get a little extra boost for the day so you are not groggy. You feel refreshed and energized so that you can get on with the rest of your day, and it just supports you for whatever you need to do.


NOW was an energy booster. It lasted longer than 5 hours and I felt energetic without jitteriness.

Tyler O.

NAPJITSU IS GREAT! I am pumped for this product! I felt so rejuvenated and just like a different person, especially since I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. I felt so much better.

J. Wehye

I was able to focus more. I became more productive, and I was more efficient. The biggest thing I noticed was that I did not feel this immense fatigue that I tend to feel towards the second half of the day. My mood was better and my kids did not stress me out.


I am an avid coffee drinker. I pump up on coffee in the morning and afternoon, and it's always hard for me to fall asleep at night because I'm still wired. I really like the NAP because I've always felt that naps are important. I knew that I could rest for about 30 minutes to an hour, and I would wake up with more energy and don't need coffee during the day.

Kristin L.

GREAT FOR SLEEP, I was able to fall asleep within less than 5 minutes and I was able to stay (asleep) for 45-50 minutes. I didn’t feel sleepy or jittery afterwards.



You've Got Questions?
We've got answers.

What are nootropics, and how are they helpful?


Nootropics are brain enhancers that boost cognitive function, such as memory, focus and creativity. Caffeine is the most well-known, but the NAPJITSU arsenal includes 30+ natural nootropics, including cordyceps, rhodiola, GABA, gotu kola, glutamine and more

Can I still have my morning coffee?


Yes! Our caffeinated products NOW & NAP have the equivalent to ~1-1.5 cups of coffee, so you can still have your morning brew and enjoy NAPJITSU in the afternoon.

How does this caffeine compare to coffee?


NAP is equivalent to ~1 cup of coffee (but provides 2x more energy!) NOW is equivalent to ~1.5 cups of coffee.

When should I take NAPJITSU?


We recommend taking NAP and NOW products at least 8 hours before bed and longer if you're more sensitive to caffeine. For example, if you go to bed at 10pm, we recommend taking a NAP at 2pm or before.

Will I feel jittery?


No, the caffeine in NOW is released in 3 microdoses, which spreads the caffeine absorption over time, so you can avoid the peak-and-crash energy that leaves you feeling jittery.

Is it bad to use NAPJITSU every day?


NAPJITSU is best used every day to maximize your energy and focus — studies show that nootropics become more effective as they build up in your body over time. NAPJITSU is all natural and non habit-forming, so taking it every day poses no health risk. Nap Ninjas do find high energy levels empowering.